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Elevating God
by Rick Furmanek

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The Goodness of God
Light Chaser Press
Photography by Rick Furmanek
Musings by Robin Furmanek

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I highly recommend Elevating God to anyone who desires a more intimate relationship with God. This book personally challenged my way of thinking and viewing God. It personally caused a greater hunger to know Him more intimately. It also pressed upon my heart to dig into the Scripture to see what He really meant when He said or did things.
– Lisa from Arizona

The subject matter in Elevating God is timeless. Its focus on the truths that make God, GOD, prompted me once again to carefully evaluate my own view of God. The Recalibration section and Discussion Questions after each chapter personally challenged me with specifics that will continue to help me elevate God every day. This is a book that I can read and reread.
- Darryl from OK

I was blessed immensely by Elevating God. It helped reinforce my core beliefs, yet also provided fresh new insight and perspective to many scriptures familiar to me since childhood. I highly recommend this book as a clear guide of God's revelation to us through His word as well as through the world around us. If you are just mildly curious, or if you are a lifelong follower of Christ, I believe Elevating God will deepen your faith in your pursuit of an awesome God.
- Judy from OK